Who We are

Where the Community Comes Together

The radio station would not be where it is today, without our WARR 1520 Family, however, the lifeline of WARR 1520 depends heavily on its Listeners, Sponsors, Community Advertisers, and global marketers.  WARR 1520 thrives by the currency brought in by local, corporate, and National accounts.  WARR 1520 prides itself on being a positive, dependable resource for the community through public service and beyond.  WARR 1520 participates in providing quality community servicing by announcing community events, public service announcements and by being active in the community.  WARR 1520 is a community treasure and takes its leadership role in the community very serious. 

Our Company History!

Station Management

Get to know our WARR family that works hard to give the community the support, public service needs vital to a community.

Dr. Lilipiana Darensburg

Sunday - Saturday 7am - 9am

Kelan Marable

M, T, Th 8am - 1pm